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I have a question! What size crochet hook and yarn do you use? I'm dying to know, please please please! These are so pretty!

Thank you


I absolutely LOVE this. I have been wanting to learn how to do granny squares to make blankets and this is perfect! Bookmarked it and can see myself going back to it a lot. Thanks so much :).


Yes! I have been trying to figure out how to make a granny square for so long :)


sara stoff

definitely saving this post so I can reference this when I pick up my granny square blanket again.


Even though I already know how to make a granny square, I really enjoyed watching your tutorial! I just love seeing how other people crochet, because you never know what little trick you might learn that you had never thought of before. (I was wondering how you made your granny squares so square - but since I watched your tutorial, I see that you ch 3 for the corners! When I learned to make them, I learned to ch 2 for the corners - something new and fabulous (and so basic!) that I hadn't thought about before!)

Thanks for sharing, Miss!
xo, Allie


I am so gonna try this tonight! It is beautiful what you do Rebecca! Seriously inspiring!


I might actually get up the courage to try this sometime! I love how granny squares look--- so homey and colourful yet geometric. Great tutorial--- especially with the colour changing etc. My mum is trying to teach herself and I'll definitely pass this along!

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