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Love that look. Have to try that soon.


You have some great ideas! so gorgeous!


Wow, good idea! I just might try this! :D



I need to try this! Such a good idea, it looks awesome!


this came out gorgeous!

Rachel W

This is seriously adorable! I am impressed at the result! I'm wondering how it would look in a vibrant red, just might be trying this! :)

Jess Walter

I love this project, and the way it turned out! I also have been having issues pinning photos from your blog; but if I do it REALLY fast, before the "this image cannot be pinned" label of doom appears, it works. :) xxx, j

Monica @ All Things Lovely

FUN! The possibilities are endless!

danielle & dinosaur toes

oh my gosh, rebecca, there is no way i'm going to let this diy get lost in my archives. I HAVE GOT TO MAKE THAT SHIRT!!! i think the notebook is pretty, but i absolutely love the idea of lace on a shirt, that way you can see it more!

also, i hope you love your new earrings!

Emily S

That's so cool! It messes with my eyes something fierce. I will be trying this sometime.


That is awesome, you have the best wearable DIY ideas!

Amelia Kauffman

I know I've Said this before- and I'll say it again - this is the coolest most stunning thing you ever created! I thought it was a fabric that had been woven before I learned how u did this! Amazing. I wanna do it!

Zoë Winters

Rebecca I love your blog! I think your tee worked really well, love the colours the bleach leaves! :) Very inspiring, maybe I will try this when I get a moment (that means in like a years time hahaha!) Glad you are getting attention over the web, you deserve it, so pretty and creative! :) Oh and your dogs are adorable! :) Zoë xx


love this. some day... when I have time... ;)


Nice outcome (I enjoyed your previous bleach DIY, too) - the sleeve on your right arm reminds me of a lanscape picture with trees and some fences :)


wow what a neat idea, Rebecca! I love this DIY, I really must try to find the bleach out here, I don't even know where to start looking at as I never saw it for sale but I definitely want to create something like this, how inspiring!
by the way, I loved to read about your craft room, I think it's fantastic to take a peak at where other people create!


LOVE it!!!


So gorgeous. You really wear your clothes so well and this top is no exception. It looks like it turned out fantastic and it looks fantastic on you as well! Love the orangey red lipstick too. Lovely.

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