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Anna Z

This outfit is adorable on you! You have really great style and it always flatters your figure.

Happy Monday.

Zoë Winters

That is nice you are writing, it gets your brain working in all sorts of ways! :) You are so pretty! :) x


I'm so in love with your foot tat!


I loved the first chapter! Are you planning on self publishing on sites like amazon? My sister loves to write and today we were just talking about her putting some of her short stories on there. I think you should really consider doing that, as well. You are a very good writer and I know I would definitely buy the book!


Amazing amazing amazing. Serious talent. I couldnt stop reading. Moreeee....


Wow, I adore the whole outfit, but that vest...it's fantastic!

Also, I'll definitely be saving the chapter to read when I have some time. It's fun working on projects like that! :)


I am saving the first chapter of your story to read tonight before bed! It's so exciting to see another blogger who loves to write stories.

I hope you'll share your full story with us when it's finished!
xo, Allie

lissa snapp

Love the outfit! So cute!

Have a good week!


p.s I love the new space "little things"! Great idea, can't wait to see more posts from it.


Those shoes are adorable and I love your hair! Good work on the belt as well. It's a great little accent.


that vest is awesome! i love it! i have been wanting to get a denim vest but haven't spoyted the right one.

Amelia Kauffman

That's my colordao grl! I love the back of the denim, beautiful. Is it from around that area of CO? The book is so addictive! More More More!

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